A successful appraisal business depends on two things: a solid reputation and strong client relationships. Hottle Valuation Services offers both. For more than three decades, regional and national clients alike have relied on the professionalism and integrity of Hottle Valuation Services to get results.

Our success is founded on the quality of our data, our extensive experience in commercial appraisals and a strong reputation for reliability.

At Hottle Valuation Services, we are devoted to providing the highest level of client service. That means going above and beyond, every time, to deliver an exceptional service to every client.

Hottle Valuation Services sets the industry standard for service with an industry-leading database and a pioneering use of technology.

The Hottle Database

A reliable appraisal depends on the size and quality of the appraiser’s database. Hottle Valuation Service’s comprehensive database contains more than 25,000 records of highly-relevant sales and leases, covering a wide variety of property types. As a result, Hottle clients can depend on our ability to respond quickly and thoroughly to the most complex appraisal requests. We supplement our information with appraisal data sources including The Appraisal Institute, CoStar, Loopnet, PwC, MLS, Xceligent, Reis, MetroScan and more.

Hottle Valuation Services’ Innovative Use of Technology

Our dedication to superior customer service includes ongoing expertise in the latest technology, providing clients with convenience, speed and security. Hottle Valuations Services remains an early adopter of new technologies and state-of-the art solutions to ensure secure and efficient service.

What We Deliver:

  • All reports can be delivered in PDF format through a secure hyperlink, decreasing turnaround time and saving inbox space.
  • Clients can access past reports with our assistance online whenever they need them. We save secure backups of client information offline, as well as on our main server.
  • We use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to work securely from multiple locations throughout the country.
  • Software solutions, including the discounted cash flow analysis program ARGUS, help Hottle Valuation Services accurately estimate both “as is” and “as stabilized” values.